‘This Is Us’: 4 Times We Wish We Had Siblings Like The Big Three

What are your favorite moments for The Big Three? Share them with us in the comments below!

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The biggest theme in This Is Us would probably have to be family. For the most part, the most adoring relationships on the show are those between significant others and between parents and their children. While all of those are worth fawning over, there’s another relationship in the show that deserves recognition — the sibling relationship between The Big Three. Despite Randall and Kevin’s differences in their childhood, these three have an incredible bond that we should all be jealous of. From life advice to getting roasted, here are four times we wish we had siblings like The Big Three.

1. Randall’s Willingness to Do Anything for His Brother and Sister

We learned that Kevin and Randall had a tough time growing up together and it broke our hearts. Kevin had trouble accepting Randall as his brother because he felt his parents gave Randall more attention. Randall wanted nothing but love and acceptance from his brother, who he hoped would be his friend. Though the two were never close growing up and drifted apart in their adulthood, Randall still woke himself up to talk Kevin through his career crisis. At the end of the day, these brothers are still there for each other.


2. Kate Giving the Best Life Advice

Kevin and Kate got extremely close when they became adults. Kevin relies on his sister for just about everything, which is why she ended up being his assistant for some time. He especially relies on her when he needs to make tough decisions because no one knows him better than her. Kate warmed our hearts when she told Kevin not to play it safe by staying in the job he hates but to take a risk on something he loves.



3. Kevin Doing What’s Right for Kate

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espite how dependent Kevin is on Kate for just about everything, he knew his sister needed to grow apart when she met Toby. Her life was too consumed with what Kevin was doing and what he needed. As much as he appreciated that, he knew she was also using it because she was afraid to get close to Toby. Kevin made a mature move by letting Kate go as his assistant so they could both grow individually.



4. Keeping up Their Dad’s Traditions

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It’s become increasingly clear how big of an impact Jack had on each of his children’s lives. We see it in the special moments they bonded with him as kids, but also in the way they keep his memory alive as adults. These three are dedicated to keeping all the traditions of their late father alive for as long as possible. From unorthodox Thanksgiving meals to strange games on Christmas, even reciting his cheesy chant about The Big Three, they do it all. Kate even watches Pittsburgh Steelers games with her dad’s urn, because of how special a memory watching the games with him was to her when he was alive. What’s great is that it isn’t just one of the kids doing it, they all get together to keep their traditions no matter what.
What are your favorite moments for The Big Three? Share them with us in the comments below!

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