‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ Recap: Does Kelly Try to Make Nice with the Group?

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Not much has been resolved since the last fight on The Real Housewives of Orange County between Shannon and Kelly Dodd. But at least Kelly seems intent on making things right with Shannon at some point (and now her sights are set on Tamra). Until then, let’s finally reintegrate Meghan into this group, since she’s been on baby leave for so long, in this episode, titled “Moving In, Moving On and Moving Fast.”

Meg’s Return

It only took five episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County for Meghan to have face time with any of the other cast members. She meets Tamra and Shannon for lunch, where the ladies meet baby Aspen and Shannon fills her in on all the weight she’s gained. She’s still blaming Vicki and the Ireland situation, but Meghan (like everyone else) suspects that there’s something else going on with Shannon, like her marriage.

Anyway, Meghan’s throwing a party so everyone can meet Aspen, and she’s inviting Vicki. Shannon and Tamra look horrified. They clearly don’t want to be anywhere near Vicki, even for the sake of an innocent little baby. But they say they’ll go anyway.

Lydia and her family are in Hawaii enjoying some R&R now that their magazine has gone to the publisher. And apparently it’s the right time to talk to their son (who seems way too young to be having the conversation) about sex. It’s as awkward as you’d imagine. Poor Stirling just wants to go swimming in the ocean.

Later, Lydia and Doug try to have a romantic dinner. But Lydia has business on the brain. She tells Doug that it’s time he got a vasectomy when he gets some down time from work. She says their life is really full at the moment and she’s done having kids. Doug doesn’t seem too pleased at the moment, considering what it means for his masculinity, but he says he’ll consider it.

Back in Orange County, Peggy’s 9-year-old is still bouncing the basketball inside the house, even though, every time we see him, Peggy’s asking him not to do that. She and Diko are planning a Lamborghini unveiling party (I guess this is something rich people do?), so she gives Shannon and Meghan a call to invite them. Shannon makes a big production of declining the invite because she doesn’t want to be near Kelly or Vicki. Peggy assures her that it’s all right, and she’s just trying to steer as clear as possible from that entire situation.

Kelly brings her mom, Bobbi, to a senior center in an effort to help her socialize more. Kelly’s loud and obnoxious, and completely humiliates her mother in front of the center’s coordinator. She says it’s hopeless and she acts like a hermit and she just wants her mom to do something good for her soul. Bobbi tells her to knock it off. Even her own mother knows that the last thing anyone in their right mind would want to do is take life advice from Kelly Dodd.

In other mother-child business, Vicki and Michael start packing the office to get ready for the move. Part of what drives her to make a successful business now is so she can leave something behind for Michael, and she’s priming him for the takeover. She’s only worried that he’ll get married to his girlfriend of one year without a prenup. Michael tells her that they’re not even talking about marriage yet, so she can just chill.

The New Puppet Master

Kelly has been thinking about making amends with Shannon. She’s tired of being ostracized from the group and wants to be the new puppet master. But she knows that if she wants to do that, she probably should start with Tamra first. She calls Tamra and asks if they can meet. Tamra reluctantly agrees, saying she never wanted to fight with Kelly in the first place. Kelly also tells Tamra that she wants to make up with Shannon. So Tamra calls Shannon right after that conversation to fill her in. Shannon says it makes sense that she’d go to Tamra first. Tamra’s way less likely to throw a plate of food at her, after all.

Later, Kelly and Tamra meet for coffee. Tamra says in her confessional that mostly she’s confused by Kelly. One minute she likes her, and the next a switch gets flipped and Kelly’s gone crazy. They also apparently fought a lot in the off-season over Twitter, which is quite mature.

But Tamra tells Kelly that the two of them are alike in a lot of ways. She says that she doesn’t want to fight, but when she gets cornered, like Kelly, her claws come out. Kelly agrees that the two of them are both impulsive, but they get over things quickly, unlike Shannon. They both end up apologizing to one another and agreeing to move on. Kelly’s happy that her plan is coming together. Next, she just has to make things work with Shannon.

It’s the night of Diko and Peggy’s fancy car event. It’s important to their business because they have professional reputations, so hopefully the ladies don’t do anything to tarnish that.

The party is obscene, with the unveiling of a car more expensive than a lot of people’s houses. Meghan says the car just shouts, “Look at me, I’m so rich! Screw you!” See, even the other rich people in the room are turned off. But not Vicki, who says she wants one of her own because it’s her kind of tacky.

Tamra and Shannon and their husbands, meanwhile, have a night in because they’re sitting this party out. They talk about Meghan’s party and how Vicki and Kelly are going to be there. Shannon does not want to be anywhere near Kelly, and Tamra doesn’t want to be anywhere near Vicki. So they agree to have each other’s backs.

The unveiling is the first time Meghan and Vicki are in the same room for over four months. At first, Vicki is buttering her up, but things get awkward when the Ireland trip gets brought up. Vicki, of course, wants to change the subject, but the tension is already there. When Meghan tells them about the party for Aspen and how everyone else is invited, Vicki says she would never start drama at a party like that. Meghan sees through it and calls her out. She says, “Yes you would.” Meghan’s never been intimidated by Vicki, and she’s not starting to be now.

Vicki says they’ve all hurt each other a lot. There are unresolved issues with everyone. Meghan says you could do a better job to try and understand where the other ladies are coming from. Vicki says she can’t be the only one apologizing when there’s a problem, and Meghan says, yes, you can because that’s what an apology is all about. Peggy says she should just stop talking about it because she’s making everyone uncomfortable. So she puts her mouth to physically shut Meghan’s mouth. How rude! But Vicki is thankful that she has another ally.


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