‘Stitchers’ Recap: Do Kirsten and Maggie Hold Up Their Ends of a Deal?

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Stitchers meets Strangers on a Train (but a version of it that uses a cell phone app) in this episode. But as the team investigates two murders in which they can find no apparent connection between the killers and their victims (or the killers or the victims), it leads to a not-so-happy reunion for one of them.

Elsewhere in “Kill It Forward,” Kirsten, Cameron and Linus confront Ivy after finding proof that she ran the anomaly that almost killed her sister, but have they been wrong to trust her? And should Kirsten trust that Maggie will hold up her end of a deal she makes with her, to keep stitching in order to find out where the NSA has taken her mother?

As for the team’s relationships, Camille and Amanda are back on track after the former sings a song about life and death and the moments you realize who and what really matters once the case is over. And Kirsten and Cameron celebrate Linus’ oxytocin filter by falling into bed.

But things aren’t so great for Fisher, as Stephanie has moved to DC and is still waiting for him to “figure things out.” And with Maggie telling Fisher that the team can’t do what they do without him — and he’s more than the job and not every detective could do what he does — is it any wonder that it ends with her bringing him a drink in support after he calls Stephanie?

Don’t Sign Up for Everything on the ‘Net

The first victim is Leslie, a competitive volleyball player, found stabbed in the back on the beach where she was supposed to play in a big tournament. She and her teammate didn’t get along off the court, and as Kirsten sees in a stitch, Monica threatened her after she caught her possibly using steroids. But she has a solid alibi, and her death memory shows a nervous guy with a beard approaching her with a knife and recording the murder on his phone.

The second victim is Tim, a talent agent shot to death in a parking lot. He was the agent for the man who killed Leslie. Heretic, a magician, wanted out of their contract and threatened Tim when he refused. A soccer dad killed him and, yes, he too recorded it.

Welcome to the dark net, the hub for any and every illegal activity, including murder for hire. But unlike someone like, say, Maggie, who worked for the CIA, these killers aren’t professionals. Heretic used one of the throwing knives he uses in his act, and they’re able to ID the second killer, Patrick, thanks to a bumper sticker on his car, which he drove to the murder.

When Fisher and Camille pick up Heretic, the magician throws one of his knives at Fisher in an attempt to get away, but Fisher throws it back into his foot.

Once they pick up Patrick, he spills all. He signed up for a website, All In, a crisscross murder business for people who can’t afford hitmen, a twisted pay-it-forward. Want someone dead? Agree to kill for someone else. Fail to complete the contract, the penalty is death and All In sends a compliance officer. He wanted his ex-wife dead after she married a rich guy and filed for full custody of their kids out of state, and Monica is arrested before she can fulfill her end of her contract.

All In is still a problem, and Linus comes up with a solution, one the others deem too risky: sign up, don’t go through with the murder and bring in the compliance officer when he shows up. However, by filling out the last field of the form, he’s automatically registered — as the person that Camille wants killed. Yes, he signed Camille up as the killer.

Though Camille’s assigned victim is taken into protective custody, and she and Linus are under NSA guard, a call from All In’s customer service reveals that the penalty isn’t her death. Uh-oh.

Unsurprisingly, this leads to a couple of fake-outs. A pizza delivery guy shows up at Cameron’s when he didn’t order food — but Kirsten did. There’s a guy behind Amanda’s equipment at the bar — but he’s just helping her. It’s Fisher who’s approached by someone from the site, the person behind it, Kate, when she surrenders to him.

Once Kate’s in an interrogation room, we learn that she and Maggie were in the CIA together, and they didn’t part on friendly terms. Should Kate warn Fisher of what happens to people who work with Maggie? She certainly remembers how lethal the other woman used to be, doing other people’s dirty work.

Kate started All In because at some point, everyone wants to get rid of someone, but most people don’t have the money or power to make it happen. She recalls that Maggie almost got her killed once, on a mission for which she was team leader and left her behind at the pick-up point. She knows that Maggie saw her from the chopper. While Maggie argues that if they had been shot down it would’ve started an international incident, Kate just sees it as her breaking the rule to never leave a team member behind.

For Kate, this is a suicide mission, and it’s worth it to see Maggie dead, she tells her former co-worker after she breaks free of her cuffs and gets her hands on the gun of the NSA agent who was guarding her. Maggie locks down the lab, and a shootout ensues, during which Kate’s the only casualty, thanks to Fisher having Maggie’s back.

Trust is Tricky

Ivy goes to Kirsten’s, thinking she’ll get some much-needed sister time, but instead finds herself on the wrong end of an interrogation that’s much harsher than what she’d face in a government agency because this is personal. She’s upset that Kirsten and Linus broke into her place, but as Cameron points out, “You broke into Kirsten’s mind.”

She was upset when Kirsten called the NSA on Stinger, Ivy admits, and she took over the avatar he created to make Kirsten trust him. But she’s not working for him, and she insists she kicked him out when he showed up a few weeks ago. Linus doesn’t believe her and leaves.

One day, it will all make sense, Ivy tells her sister, but Kirsten’s had enough. “You stabbed me in the back,” she says before kicking her out. “We’re not friends. We’re definitely not sisters. Just run on back to Stinger so we can be enemies. At least be honest about that.”

Maggie just hopes they didn’t scare Stinger away with this move, but she also expects Cameron to talk to Kirsten about her declaration to not stitch anymore until she finds out where her mother is. Kirsten’s his priority, he explains when he refuses, and he echoes that sentiment to his girlfriend. She’s his life, and he’s backing her play. This leads to the deal: Kirsten solves the current case, and Maggie gives her her mother’s location.

Hearing that Ivy was behind the anomaly has Maggie questioning if she’s playing them, and Fisher suggests that it’s time for bring Kirsten and Cameron up to speed. They’re resources, not kids, he reminds her. It’s too dangerous, she protests, because keeping the team safe is one of the few really good things she’s done in this life, and she refuses to compromise that, even to get Stinger.

After seeing Kate hate her so much that she was willing to sacrifice her own life because she trusted Maggie, and Maggie betrayed her, Maggie doesn’t want that to happen with Kirsten. (Kirsten doesn’t think it will.) She tells her that Jacqueline is in a secure facility, and she’ll arrange for her to see her, but she needs a few days and for Kirsten to trust her one last time. Kirsten agrees.

As the episode ends, Stinger’s waiting when Ivy comes home after she called him. She tells him that the NSA is going to terminate Jacqueline, but he’s confused since she didn’t want anything to do with him the last time they spoke. What changed? The team hates her, so he’s her only real family. Then how’d she get this information? She used Linus’ NSA account to hack Maggie’s e-mails. After looking in her eyes to see if she’s lying, he tells her she’s the daughter he always wanted and hugs her. But she’s totally playing him … right?


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