‘Big Brother: Over the Top’ Spoilers: Season 18’s Paul Abrahamian Returns for the HoH Competition

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'Big Brother: Over the Top' Spoilers: Season 18's Paul Abrahamian Returns for the HoH Competition

Things are getting vicious inside the Big Brother: Over the Top house. During the third live eviction of the season, Shane completely ripped the Plastics and Scott, just before being voted out of the house. Shane’s alliance, Late Night Jamboree, was devastated to see him go. Can they make a comeback and avenge Shane’s eviction? All will be revealed in the next Head of Household Competition.

This HoH Competition will feature a surprising host — Paul from Big Brother 18. He, along with his inflatable sidekick Pablo, announce that this competition is called “Perfect Shot.” When the game begins, balls fall from above. Inside some of the balls are tokens. How every many tokens each houseguest brings to Paul will equal the amount of attempts they will have to roll their ball down the ramp and land it in the perfect shot box. They can only turn in a maximum of ten tokens at a time. Whichever houseguest makes the perfect shot first will become the new HoH.

While giving his friendship tips, Paul reveals he has one more surprise. Due to the punishment she received in the second Veto Competition, Alex will have to compete in this game wearing beer goggles.

As the balls drop, the houseguests begin rummaging through them, trying to find as many tokens as they can. They can hear and feel the tokens inside some of the balls, but they are completely stumped how to open them. Some houseguests push through the balls with their fingers, while others use their teeth.

After ripping open the balls and collecting tokens for a while, Justin is the first to bring Paul his three tokens, meaning he has three tries at making the perfect shot. All three end up falling short.

Danielle is up next with five tokens. One comes within inches of hitting the perfect shot box, but they all miss. Morgan goes next with her five attempts, but she does not land the shot.

All of the other houseguests hand in their tokens, but the only one who comes as close to making the perfect shot as Danielle does is Justin. He just misses it countless times, meaning the competition continues.

Kryssie then steps up with a massive ten tokens. After a few attempts, she is able to make the perfect shot, making Late Night Jamboree completely ecstatic.

Kryssie is the new Head of Household.

How did you like this competition? What do you think Kryssie will do with her power? Are you happy she won? Who do you think she will target? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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