‘The Bachelor’ Week 6: Bachelor Nation Speaks out on the Latest Dates and Eliminations

What is your reaction to the ladies' collective freakouts on the volleyball date? Is it all for the sake of the drama or is the pressure really getting to them?

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In The Bachelor week 6, all hell breaks loose. Nick goes on a cutting spree, whittling down his suitors to six. There were a lot of tears, mostly from Nick, and a lot of awkward tension that everybody felt. Sometimes I had to watch through my fingers.

Bachelor nation had some pretty strong reactions as well. Here’s what they had to say about possibly the weirdest episode of The Bachelor in the history of the franchise.

Let’s start with Chris Harrison. As the second most important man in the Bachelor universe, it’s important to check in with a little objectivity. He comments on the irony we were all feeling, as Nick tried to relax in St. Thomas. He wrote in his blog for Yahoo, “This was our first time visiting St. Thomas, and man is we glad we did. But being in a beautiful place with clear waters doesn’t always mean smooth sailing, and this week for Nick was anything but calm.”

The boy was he right. The beach volleyball date turned into a shit-show, and it may have been the hardest date I’ve ever had to sit through. Jasmine was awful. Chris noticed, too, saying, “as the night went on, things really boiled over and Jasmine, who has had a fun and light relationship with Nick all the way through, was sent home in the blink of an eye.”

Chris thinks Nick had it the worst with the breakup with Danielle. “Something obviously went wrong, and Nick knew in his heart that even though he really liked Danielle, he wasn’t going to end up marrying her, and he said goodbye.”

Cue the tears and sadness — all from Nick.

Ali Fedotowsky delivers reliable and interesting Bachelor commentary in her blog, Ali Luvs. She and I are having similar feelings about that fiasco beach date. She writes, “I’m guessing whatever competition was proposed, it backfired even more than what we saw on TV. Because we didn’t ever really see WHY so many of the girls all of a sudden felt upset.”Her theory is an interesting one, since she has inside information, as a former contestant and Bachelorette.

She reacts to Jasmine’s meltdown with similar disbelief, saying, “Jasmine self-destructed for sure. What was with all that ‘choking’ talk? Nick looked terrified. He absolutely should have sent her home. I feel like she said something violent (aka, I want to choke you) and realized it was stupid to say, so she tried to recover by making it sexual.”

Ashley I. has some insight in her blog for Cosmopolitan. She remarks on the new frontrunner, Kristina, saying, “I do believe Kristina is quietly moving up in the rankings and could be a contender after this date.”

I agree wholeheartedly. After her moving memories about her tough childhood in Russia, having to eat lipstick to keep from being hungry, and leaving Russia at 12, she and Nick are bonding.

Ashley gives a little behind-the-scenes about what week 6 means for the participants. “Things get messy — front-runner Vanessa is crying because she’s not getting enough time with Nick, and front-runner Rachel is complaining about how bad group dates are. (She’s not wrong.) Everyone is miserable! While supposed to be a chill time playing beach volleyball, the tequila is flowing and the game soon gets aggressive. In particular, Jasmine pushes a tipsy-as-usual Corinne over — to me, it looks like she’s just looking for any way to get attention from Nick at this point, even if it’s for bad behavior.”

Things are moving toward the end, and Nick isn’t built for a third run, apparently. He left us with a real cliffhanger, wondering if he is even willing to move forward. Of course, he’s not really gonna quit, but it seems like ABC wants to tease us a little before the next episode.
What is your reaction to the ladies’ collective freakouts on the volleyball date? Is it all for the sake of the drama or is the pressure really getting to them?

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