Why Alexis Should Be the Real Star of ‘The Bachelor’ Season 21

But what do you think? Should The Bachelor use Alexis more than they already are? Would you watch more Alexis? Do you think Alexis or Corinne is the more amusing contestant? What are your feelings on Nick this season?

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On week 5 of The Bachelor season 21, a travesty occurred. It wasn’t Taylor going home before Corinne on the two-on-one date. In reality, both women deserved to leave and despite what Taylor said, she did, in fact, bully Corinne and call her stupid. The real tragedy of the episode and the season, in general, is someone is not getting enough screen time. The Bachelor needs more of Alexis, the aspiring dolphin trainer, and Nicolas-Cage-phobe.
A Breath of Fresh and Funny Air
It might be true that Alexis is more auditioning for a stint on Bachelor in Paradise than actively in the running for Nick Viall’s heart. For two weeks, however, Alexis has provided the comedy stinger at the end of the episode and for two weeks running Alexis’ comedy stinger has been the episode’s highlight. The Bachelor season 21 is currently giving all the airtime to the villain of the season with just periodic hints of Nick actually forming relationships with the women. The show is really more about Corinne and how she is getting along with the women than it is about Nick.
Even if in her most recent conflict with Taylor, Corinne did end up looking better, her presence is rather toxic. Corinne has her entertaining moments. There have been some actually stellar quotes from Corinne. Corinne’s “sexy” corn monologue will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the greatest Bachelor villain moments ever. There is always an element of uneasiness with Corinne.
At best, Corinne is tricking the audience into thinking she is more self-absorbed and vain than she is in reality. At worst, she is a shockingly incompetent and immature human being. Alexis, on the other hand, is just as funny and entertaining as Corinne but doesn’t feel in any way fake, contrived or disturbing. Alexis is way more “in on the joke” than Corinne, or really anyone in the cast this season.


Alexis is weird and maybe a little dim. Her “dolphin costume” on night one was definitely a shark and anyone who thinks differently has never seen any marine life … ever. Alexis is also a complete breath of fresh air. There is no tension or cattiness with Alexis, she is just fun. The drama that Corinne creates is good for the show but Alexis’ positive and hilarious energy would be just as beneficial. The Bachelor certainly recognizes that Alexis is entertaining, it’s why she is getting the stingers. They just sadly shove her off to the last two minutes of the episode rather than using her throughout.

She Even Makes Nick Look Good

The other important thing about Alexis is that Nick is way more enjoyable interacting with her than he is with a lot of the women this season. The frontrunners are beginning to emerge — Rachel, Vanessa, Raven and both of the Danielles — but Nick’s interactions with Alexis are probably him at his most likable. Nick talking to Alexis is a glimpse of the Nick that was seen in Bachelor in Paradise — he is genuinely funny and engaging. He doesn’t talk down to Alexis and her weirdness, he embraces it and has fun. There has been much made of Nick’s intentions on season 21 of The Bachelor but it really does appear that when he is with Alexis he is being his real self. Or as Taylor would annoyingly put it, he is telling his “truth.”

Nick saying that Alexis kissing the Nicolas Cage mask turned him on was kind of gross. A leopard is not going to completely change its spots, however. Nick is definitely big on “physical connections.” Vanessa threw up on their one-on-one date and that didn’t stop him from playing tonsil hockey with her moments afterward. It’s going to be hard for The Bachelor to find something that doesn’t turn Nick on, in other words.
This is isn’t really about Nick, it’s about Alexis. Whether she is interacting with Nick or not, The Bachelor audience needs more time with Alexis, it’s what we all deserve. In a nation divided by politics, horrible real-world tragedies and overall negative feelings Alexis could unite us all … OK, probably not, but The Bachelor still needs to use her WAY more on the show.
But what do you think? Should The Bachelor use Alexis more than they already are? Would you watch more Alexis? Do you think Alexis or Corinne is the more amusing contestant? What are your feelings on Nick this season?
The Bachelor season 21 airs Mondays at 8/9c on ABC.
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