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Morelia: Dalia Huerta, Iván Puig Deliver a Rural Sci-Fi Mockumentary in ‘Cåsucka’

Morelia: Dalia Huerta, Iván Puig Deliver a Rural Sci-Fi Mockumentary in 'Cåsucka'

Admin October 30, 2016 Views 121

“Cåsucka” competes at Mexico’s Morelia Fest

“Cåsucka,” Mexican Dalia Huerta and Iván Puig’s first combined film, can be taken at least two ways: As a mockumentary; or rural sci-fi fiction and a singular eulogy to the last member of a community in a barren part of the country.

Screening in competition at Mexico’s Morelia Fest, “Cåsucka” teams the cosmopolitan talents of cinematographer and documentary filmmaker Huerta (“Forgot Something?,” “The End of the Existence of Things”) whose “Flesh That Remembers” won at Morelia in 2010, and Puig, an artist working in the Mexican group TRiodO, alongside Marcela Armas and Gilberto Esparza. Huerta trained in Mexico, Netherlands and Cuba; Puig studied in Mexico, Ireland and Canada.

With meditative short shots, a crisp photography using a desert-toned palette, “Cåsucka” turns on an old man in arid waste at an indeterminate future time who narrates his community’s extinction.

The short was inspired by the directors’ research on the loss of cultural diversity which originated the invention of a fictional language that was eventually used in the film voiceover.

Huerta is now working on an experimental docu-short. “I also plan to team again with Iván, maybe on a feature, but we are still at conception phase,” she told Variety.


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